BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone (verizon)

  • Model: BBERRY8830SL
  • Manufactured by: Research In Motion
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The BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition Smartphone redefines style, function and capability. This sleek and performance–driven smartphone has been redesigned with trackball navigation and a new backlit QWERTY keyboard. It comes equipped with microSD expandable memory support and a media player. It also offers Bluetooth® support and BroadbandAccess Connect service via VZAccess Manager.



  • The BlackBerry 8830 works with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to provide functionality such as single mailbox integration, remote address book look–up and more
  • Ringtones: Polyphonic (MP3, MIDI) + vibrate
  • 35–key backlit QWERTY Keyboard. Dedicated Send, End, Convenience, Power and Mute keys, trackball navigation and ESC key
  • Password protection and keyboard lock
  • SAR Information – ear/body: 1.46/0.9 W/kg
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility = M4/T4


  • Dimensions: 4.49" (H) x 2.6" (W) x 0.55" (D)
  • Weight: Approximately 4.6 oz. including Battery
  • Standard Lithium Battery Cell (1400mAh)
  • Mode: Digital
  • Usage: Up to 220/300 minutes of talk time (CDMA/GMS–GPRS) OR
  • Standby: Up to 216/384 hours (CDMA/GSM–GPRS
    Due to recent Verizon policy changes on 3G devices please make sure to check with Verizon before buying if you will be able to activate the phone model on your plan
    They may no longer activate this model on contract plans but it will activate well for Prepaid as and any other carrier that works off Verizon Towers.  for example this phone will activate on those carriers
    Affinity Cellular
        Armed Force Mobile
        Boom Mobile
        Eco Mobile
        Expo Mobile
        Net10 Wireless
        Page Plus Cellular
        Puppy Wireless
        Red Pocket Mobile
        ROK Mobile
        Selectel Wireless
        Straight Talk
        Total Wireless
        Zing PCS

    and will also activate any company using CDMA towers


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