Sony Ericsson Aino U10i Overview by Cell2Get

During the early 90’s Sony became one of the most renowned and trusted manufacturers in the entire world. From small handheld devices to gigantic TVs, Sony officially became a part of everyone’s lives. It wasn’t until the year 2000 Sony decided to join forces with a Swedish company by the name of Ericsson, thus forming the partnership known today as Sony Ericsson. With the mobile know-how by Ericsson and Sony’s electronic expertise, they expanded their product lines but much more advanced. Until today they continue to produce mobile devices and have released the Sony Ericsson Aino U10i on May of 2009.

Since Sony is known to be a professional at electronics like advanced home theaters and sound systems, Sony was able to help the Swedish company by boosting the sound quality and noise reduction along with other enhancements. These enhancements show major emphasis on the quality for most tools. The camera, for instance, made the list of one of the world’s best quality cellphone camera during that time. Normally a 2 MP camera up to 5 MP would be installed in most cameras, but unusually the Aino has a built in 8.1 megapixel camera with the ability to auto-focus, touch-focus, geo-tag, face-tag, video stabilization and consists of a built in LED flash. A 4 megapixel difference may not sound that much but it’s indubitably a major difference in resolution. Video calling is another aspect which was not given to even the best of phones.

Of course being a Sony product would definitely mean better sound quality right? Absolutely, the Aino permits the use of stereo headsets and speakers, the amazing quality goes unnoticed by many but if you happen to love some bass in your tunes, this phone does the job right. It is also compatible with Bluetooth v2.1 and works wonders with a stereo Bluetooth.

This is the best part, especially for all the PS3 online gamers. Apparently Sony decided to step the application game up by installing what is called a remote play for PS3. Needless to say that the Playstation series belongs to Sony which also means the Playstation network belongs to Sony; therefore if one has an account with the PSN, they can interact with the network directly through the remote play for PS3. Unfortunately no gameplay but at least we can expect it sometime in the future. Apart from that the PSN users may browse through collections, updates, media and chat. However the Aino permits gameplay via downloaded applications either by displaying a virtual pad or by use of the sensors such as the accelerometer or proximity.

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