Asus Garminfone A50 Overview by Cell2Get

Technology has been spreading throughout the globe like a plague; it’s always finding newer and stronger methods to overcome obstacles as well as resistances. Asus and Garmin are partners that deal with technological enhancements. We might think of computers, laptops and equipment in that category when the word Asus comes up. As for Garmin, some among most people may have been, or still are, Garmin GPS navigation system owners. Their partnership introduced the Asus Garminfone A50 on February of 2010. With the knowledge of modern technology, Asus is known to be one of the world’s largest vendors for computer equipment whether its big or small, and with a partnership with Garmin, which is one of the most reputable GPS developers in our time, a lot of time and money may be saved.

The TFT capacitive touch screen allows 256k colors on display regardless of the function. It is mounted with a 3.15 mega pixel camera with the ability to auto focus as well as location tagging, or geo-tagging. Video capture is also possible at 24 frames per second and may be instantly shared amongst friends and family. The sensor consists of a proximity, compass and accelerometer. The sensors also come in handy when playing 3D games such as Need for Speed Undercover and many other arcade games as well such as Pac-Man or Asteroids. Amongst countless applications, the A50 is capable of location based applications such as AroundMe which is an application that displays nearby hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc.

Supported by A-GPS, the Garmin navigation system is the most crucial aspect of this phone. It is relentlessly one of the most reliable and precise navigation systems built inside phones even today. Garmin has set this upgraded version of a mobile GPS with stunning features that only an actual GPS can perform. Maps are included and it also supports cityXplorer maps with either text or voice directions promptly. One of the main reasons most of the good GPS systems receive a bad review is because they are being used without the original 3G network. Although this may not be the only issue, there are other concerns for people who travel and mistakes which people may be unaware of leading to failure of satisfaction.

Of course the A50 is still a phone, a smart phone but a phone nonetheless and is able to take on, as well as adjust to, daily activities or routine processes. This includes method of contact, music, video, and so on. The media player for music and video reads MP3, eAAC+, WAV, MP4, H.263 and H.264 type formats to relieve the user of constant conversion. Although a certain company may be dedicated to only one specific type of appliance, it is always great to see major companies join forces to create bigger and better innovations for the future.