Blackberry Torch 9800 Overview by Cell2Get

Brand names are always what is wanted rather than pricing in most cases, thus Blackberry cell phones continues to compete with other leading brands and have decided to introduce the Blackberry Torch 9800. Like many other blackberry phones such as the Curve or Bold, the functions are practically the same making it easy for previous Blackberry users. In addition the Torch has astonishing new functions which we will be looking further into. Like many companies such as Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, etc., Blackberry attempts to have the best designed personal handset created especially for the texting and business groups.

Primarily the camera is always 3.2 mp, there were barely any successors that made it outside of 4 mp and some of the most innovated creations could not surpass that…except for the Torch, which consists of a solid 5 mp. Thats more than half of the new phones out even today. Equipped with autofocus and LED flash, the 5 megapixel camera illustrates a 2592×1944 pixel resolution, which can be pretty bad if someone dislikes showing their pores or other spots in a picture, by the way you can also find out where you took the picture with its geo-tagging function. For a new purchase, the Torch is also equipped with a 4GB memory card and can support up to 32GB, while its initial memory is 4GB internal.

As we might know, or might not know, Edge is relatively obsolete to half the people in the world, instead 3G networks have become more renowned due to their speed and is also another aspect in the Torch’s life, however there are some places where only 2G is available in which case the Torch can switch to Edge or 2G. If that isn’t satisfactory we can always line it up with a 802.11 b/g/n Wi-fi network. Thanks to its QWERTY keyboard there is no need to quit texting to run the bill (or you can just get unlimited text), the browser is html supported and e-mailing has become alot better and easier to access with the push e-mail function. Unfortunately no radio, BUT you can do better with customizable radio applications to better your radio experience.

Lastly we have the 9800 version of the GPS which supports Blackberry maps and runs great using the 3G network, a bit slower on the previous networks but only because of the speed. Of course music and video players are absolutely included to further customize your media and playback experience. The slider exclusively makes the Torch stand out from its brothers, or sisters if you prefer, and is a huge physical difference and gave it the name the Blackberry Slider as rumored. But this is only one step closer to the greatest of all times, this small sliding difference is actually a small portion of the numerous innovations that can change the way we see electronics. We might even see a phone that can cook.