Blackberry Tour Overview by Cell2Get

Blackberry’s remarkable models such as the Pearl and Curve, designed to suit both home and business needs, innovates a newer and more comfortable prototype following the Bold, yes it is indeed the Blackberry Tour. The Tour is available for both GSM and CDMA so the Sprint or Verizon users will not miss it for upgrading. It is very similar to the Blackberry family such as the mentioned Curve as well as the Bold and Storm, however the efficient part is basically the reduction of weight and size, making it more compact and easily accessible.

3G is a must which is also provided in the Tour allowing faster and quicker browsing access from searching for a source to e-mail and business needs. Fortunately for the Tour, the 3G network, without a shadow of a doubt, increases data speed making it a bit better than standard 3G phones. This is a huge difference from other 3G phones as they only stay limited to their speed, however multitasking might slow it down to its normal speed but in any case, the speed prevails for online browsing. The 3.2 mp camera takes snapshots and has the autofocus ability with geo-tagging function, which means you can find the place where the picture was taken, and of course video is always an option on the Tour.

Let’s suppose there is a show going on t.v. and suddenly something comes up and there’s no time to record the show, well instead of going crazy attempting to find the missed episode, you can always resume watching using Sprint t.v. for on the go purposes. The Tour also consists of a built in GPS supporting Blackberry maps, the operating system by blackberry OS is more than just compatible, and unfotunately the internal memory can hold up to 256 MB…but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a microSD to boost it up to 16GB, take that internal memory! In case laziness becomes present to even dial numbers or search for contacts, thank you Blackberry for including voice activated dialing or search.

Even for the newer Blackberry users, the Tour is an all out win/win, the problem is usually with the size which Blackberry fixed up for the Tour. The massive size and weight for the Bold was a problem to some people and is also a problem for other phones as well regardless of the functions. A sense in taste for the Blackberry Tour is an excellent choice even is touchscreen is more preferred, it’s easy to become friends with it. Amongst many new inventions this proves that enhancements of future phones will not stop at any cost for consumer convenience as well as entertainment.