Casio Brigade Overview by Cell2Get

One of the most statistically known brand is Casio, especially for their waterproof watches. Although they are initially a watch company, they took the next step for further advancement and have decided to develop cell phones. Now these are no ordinary cell phones, let’s look at the Casio Brigade for instance. The full name is the Casio Brigade G’zOne C741, but we can simply call it the Casio Brigade to make things easier.

This is one of the most rugged phones there are today, not only is the Brigade waterproof and rugged but its intelligence makes it excellent for travel, communication, and exercise although we can get creative and use it for many more instances. Not only does it provide a numeric 12 buttons but also has a full QWERTY keyboard, that’s right we can go crazy texting while swimming although that isn’t the best of ideas but it is possible. The brigade is also no stranger to dust or sand and is also shock proof and that proves that Casio stays true to their original products and are connected. In addition to that, the Brigade has the ability to swivel, bar, clamshell, and slide adding the entertainment to merely open the phone but in different possibilities.

Despite its initial 3.2 megapixel camera it has the ability to illuminate the area with flash as well, combine that with an auto focus feature and face detection and pinpointing things in the dark or taking pictures in dark areas will serve to be no problem. As mentioned this is a very rugged phone with tactical abilities and makes a great partner for those who like to and enjoy travelling or discovering places, and thanks to its waterproof features we can not only take this mission underground but underwater as well.

The browser of the phone is operated through NetFront Browser V3.5 mobile and supports both html and WAP (v2). Needless to say that bluetooth, mp3, videos, sms, and instant messaging are all enabled with this phone as well as ems (enhanced messaging service) which permits text along with small graphics, emoticons, etc. Now for the memory, it has a standard 123 MB internal storage which can be expanded using a 16 GB micro SD for maximum storage external. Another good thing is it can synchronize with a desktop or laptop which involves data transfer. Who would’ve thought a watch company can create a phone so aggressively competitive and multi operational?