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The HTC Thunderbolt Overview by Cell2Get

With all the new touch screen phones out today, it is rather difficult to figure out the right one. Of course reading a review and looking at the phone a few times may help a bit but then again if you try it out for some time, then you will get your answer within that … Continue reading

Samsung Rugby 2 Overview by Cell2Get

Cell phones have been assisting people to communicate for the longest time, in fact some communication devices, including cell phones, are considered a part of their family. The strong bond between a person and their cell phone is completely unbreakable considering the cell phone matches the owner’s needs and style. Throughout the years various new … Continue reading

iPhone 3GS Overview by Cell2Get

Ever since Apple entered the arena the entire world significantly changed and everyone wanted to be a part of the Apple family regardless of the type of equipment. It could be a cell phone, a laptop, desktop or even tablet all in all it had to be Apple. This also includes the iPhone 3G which … Continue reading

LG Phoenix Overview by Cell2Get

For the past few years touch screen phones are in the hands of numerous amounts of people, the LG Phoenix falls into this category. Quite a handful of people will remember LG for their phones, TVs and few other electronic appliances and was once a valuable competitor; they now return to the arena with newer … Continue reading

The Nokia Communicator E90 Overview by Cell2Get

Nokia’s record for mass production is well known for many years dating back to the early 1900’s, and their equipment has been reliable since then. The Nokia Communicator E90 is one the newest devices and can also be somewhat compared to the N95 but also takes technology into a whole new level of experiences. Although … Continue reading