Monthly Archives: September 2012

Samsung U600 Overview by Cell2Get

Over the years Samsung has been progressing aggressively due to their electronic appliances including cell phones. The company has been notorious for mostly TVs and cell phones also for their world famous Sidekick contracted by T-Mobile initially. Samsung continues onto the field with their U600 cell phone which is the topic we shall look further … Continue reading

Casio Brigade Overview by Cell2Get

One of the most statistically known brand is Casio, especially for their waterproof watches. Although they are initially a watch company, they took the next step for further advancement and have decided to develop cell phones. Now these are no ordinary cell phones, let’s look at the Casio Brigade for instance. The full name is … Continue reading

The HTC Evo 3D Overview by Cell2Get

Touchscreen phones are becoming the new trend, in some places if you take a good look at peoples’ phones, they’re all touchscreen, let it be the iPhone, the Android, Samsung Galaxies, or the new HTC Evo 3D. Although the touchscreen phones are relatively the same, the users beg to differ as they see major differences … Continue reading

Blackberry Torch 9800 Overview by Cell2Get

Brand names are always what is wanted rather than pricing in most cases, thus Blackberry cell phones continues to compete with other leading brands and have decided to introduce the Blackberry Torch 9800. Like many other blackberry phones such as the Curve or Bold, the functions are practically the same making it easy for previous … Continue reading

Blackberry Tour Overview by Cell2Get

Blackberry’s remarkable models such as the Pearl and Curve, designed to suit both home and business needs, innovates a newer and more comfortable prototype following the Bold, yes it is indeed the Blackberry Tour. The Tour is available for both GSM and CDMA so the Sprint or Verizon users will not miss it for upgrading. … Continue reading