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Blackberry Bold 9930 Overview by Cell2Get

Cell phones’ existence changed the entire world leading to massive purchases and upgrades for newer equipment with fancier looks, style and many electronic advantages. Back in the earlier years preparing for travel would mean one has to purchase a handheld video game like the Gameboy, a GPS for navigation, an mp3 player for music, a … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Overview by Cell2Get

The production of touch screen phones has brought our generation into a whole new technological level. With the many companies competing against each other, and some even former rivals, Samsung develops the Galaxy series to increase their firepower. Not only is the Galaxy family a worthy adversary to other companies but have been one of … Continue reading

The Blackberry Curve 8520 Overview by Cell2Get

Amongst the most famous and wells recognized brand names, BlackBerry has clearly shown evidence of how they operate. Their cell phones including accessories made it possible for Blackberry to compete in the market of cell phones and electronics. Although Blackberry’s 8300 Curve was a huge success in the marketplace, they designed a faster and more … Continue reading

Samsung Blackjack II Overview by Cell2Get

Prior to Y2K even during the late 90’s, cell phones were preferred to be used for business related work thus not so many people had one. About that time the computer era was just beginning to become one of the biggest things in the entire world. But during and after Y2K everyone had to have … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Overview by Cell2Get

During 2005 a wide selection of touch phones became available whether it’s prepaid, GSM, CDMA or just plain unlocked without a contract or service. Because of this revolutionary equipment, the majority of the population became quite familiar with touch screen phones. Due to famous brands, touch screen phones were no stranger and were commonly being … Continue reading