iPhone 3GS Overview by Cell2Get

Ever since Apple entered the arena the entire world significantly changed and everyone wanted to be a part of the Apple family regardless of the type of equipment. It could be a cell phone, a laptop, desktop or even tablet all in all it had to be Apple. This also includes the iPhone 3G which initially came out as a promotional $199 with a 2 year contract. Subsequently the iPhone 3GS came into play with faster network speeds and a few other capabilities like being able to handle the more newer multiplayer games like Resident Evil Mercenaries, Battlefield 2, Infinity Blade, Dead Space, Super Street Fighter IV and many more.

In addition to its speed launching applications is much faster, opening e-mails, browsing the web and of course as mentioned playing games. Thanks to the improved overall performance speed as well as the upgraded 3D graphics driver, the iPhone is capable of handling any desktop or laptop and game console tasks as well as quicker navigation through the built in GPS. The functions are the exact duplicate of the 3G just a lot faster. So you have your ipod exactly where you need it, safari, itunes, calculator, youtube, stock, everything is the same and can be placed at a different page or folder when overlapped.

Not only has it changed internally as in software but hardware has changed as well. With the original 3G you have only a 3 mega pixel camera only, but in the 3GS the camera can take shots using auto-focus or manual focus. With manual focus, needless to say, anything touched of what is being displayed will be focused on. Not only that but you can take videos too without having to download a separate application to do so, furthermore you can edit recorded media and share it with friends and family, post in MobileMe or upload it on youTube instantly through the phone.

Another awesome feature is the voice control….that’s right voice. The 3GS is smart and recognizes the names from your contact list as well as media in your ipod. To make things easier, just ask and it will call the desired person, dial the desired number and play the desired media. The 3GS also has an upgraded compass feature which will automatically match the direction you are facing; the 3G did not have this feature making it tougher to figure out which way you should go.

Now for the tactical part, the 3GS is indubitably a smart phone with emphasis on smart. Occasionally something will interrupt a person’s caution leading them to misplace the phone without realizing it. In this case the 3GS is equipped with a tracer linked with Apple’s MobileMe service; this action will cause the misplaced phone to appear at a map displayed by MobileMe. If that still doesn’t work and you don’t want creepy people looking through your precious memories and photos, simply initiate a remote incineration of everything and the phone will wipe everything off going back to factory settings as the last resort.