LG Phoenix Overview by Cell2Get

For the past few years touch screen phones are in the hands of numerous amounts of people, the LG Phoenix falls into this category. Quite a handful of people will remember LG for their phones, TVs and few other electronic appliances and was once a valuable competitor; they now return to the arena with newer more revolutionary equipment. Life may be good but with the LG Phoenix it gets better for it is equipped with up-to-date features as well as speed and intelligence to compete against the rest of the touch screen gang.

One of the most important aspects in many peoples’ lives includes listening to music. Now many people may listen to music to enjoy and relax but there are people who take their music serious and undoubtedly cannot live without it. For the LG Phoenix utilizing music is simple as it reads multiple formats like MP3, WMA, WAV and eAAC+ thus cancelling the extra step to format your music and going straight to drag and drop. It includes a 3.5mm jack for normal headphones so no need to lose sanity looking for a multi jack. For people who enjoy searching for news or music on the radio, good news! The Phoenix has one mean FM radio with presets but if that isn’t satisfying enough there is a list of radio apps free of charge to download.

Needless to say with music comes video whether it is a music video, movie, show or recording the LG Phoenix makes it possible to read several video formats such as MP4, H.264, H.263 and WMV. In most cases a downloaded video file is generally set to WMV for desktop/laptop playback, since WMV is a format in the Phoenix we can cancel the conversion step and move on dragging and dropping. Speaking of videos, the 3.15 mega pixel camera developed with autofocus and geo-tagging can also record videos for convenience. With geo-tagging it is easier to locate a place or the name of a place located in a previously taken picture or video. The sad part is internal storage which holds up to 160 MB…bad, but with a micro SD card the Phoenix storage space cranks up to 32 GB…really good, so you can stuff in all kinds of media even stuff you don’t even need!

Association with a 3G network makes browsing quicker and easier from checking your e-mail to surfing the net. In addition to the social networking integration the push e-mail function makes it much faster to never miss an important e-mail, now some may render this function to be a little unwanted but it works wonders at unbelievable times but is often neglected as the e-mail itself catches the eye. MMS, SMS and instant messaging are a must supplied to the Phoenix as well as a built-in GPS, document editor, voice memos and organizer in addition to common tools such as a calculator, alarm, etc. With the information we have here added to the rest of LG appliances makes them a tough company to become rivals with but as we can see, all of these companies have one motive- future success.