Samsung Blackjack II Overview by Cell2Get

Prior to Y2K even during the late 90’s, cell phones were preferred to be used for business related work thus not so many people had one. About that time the computer era was just beginning to become one of the biggest things in the entire world. But during and after Y2K everyone had to have a cell phone for both business and personal use, not long after that, teenagers began the texting and messaging era leading to the utilization of cell phones all across the globe. Samsung and Nokia were 2 of the major companies to develop cell phones and until today, they are considered the strongest phones made for mankind.

Samsung has a wide variety of cell phones including the Blackjack which was later upgraded and released as the Blackjack 2. It is sleeker, smarter and friendlier than the first Blackjack of course along with few more capabilities. As said above about teenagers and texting, we might remember some of the more ridiculous yet entertaining advertises and commercials displaying the overuse of limited texting or messaging. They would show an endless bill due to their kids going crazy texting and would limit their phone use with only 1 solution which is to add unlimited text and data to prevent the endless billing.

With the full QWERTY keyboard, texting is simple and easy as well as the social networking integration. Microsoft Mobile version 6 is mounted on as the operating system and allows the key functions to run smooth; they are SMS, MMS, E-mail and of course instant messaging. The browser reads WAP 2.0, xHTML, HTML and RSS feeds. Specifically with the RSS feeds, it reduces the need for extra software to connect your posts or to receive feeds through an extension. Along with this is the TV receiver, a handy tool for the fight against boredom and rescuing a favorite show from being missed.

Media can definitely be stored as the phone can handle 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. But as for overloading the phone with media, a 4GB micro SD card can assist reaching the maximum storage capacity. This media can be anything from documents and pictures to music, movies and bulkier applications like games. Music is read in several different formats including MP3, AAC, OGG, ASF, WMA and AAC+, these formats are the general multi file formats for music thus obliterating the need to constantly convert music that your device can support. Even for video, formats such as WMV, 3GP, H.263 and MP4 are supported again preventing the need to convert your media.

Many other features and functions such as the built in GPS to help navigate through traffic come very much in handy at times making life easier. Of course the earlier phones did not have all of these rich features; they were merely phones only for communication and for communication only. Some of the earlier phones did however manage to deliver photography, as the Blackjack 2 features a 2 mega pixel camera with video capability. Back then still shots were good enough and videos were only to be done by video equipment.