Samsung Galaxy Nexus Overview by Cell2Get

During 2005 a wide selection of touch phones became available whether it’s prepaid, GSM, CDMA or just plain unlocked without a contract or service. Because of this revolutionary equipment, the majority of the population became quite familiar with touch screen phones. Due to famous brands, touch screen phones were no stranger and were commonly being used by both teens and adults. The hype over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus resurrected the belief that touch screen phones are just as capable as any laptop or pc; if not fully capable then enough to perform everyday tasks.

Featuring a 3G hi-speed internet network the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the ability to surf the web significantly faster than almost any smart phone. With the aid of a built in Wi-fi antenna, accessing the internet from available hotspots or wireless local area networks diminished the need for data services. However, without the full data service for hi-speed browsing 2G as well as Edge connection would undoubtedly get the job done. It may not be as fast as the 3G network but is considered a good enough option.

Picture taking was also pushed around like nobody’s business. The Galaxy Nexus is approved for a substitute for taking pictures without an actual camera or photography set. With its 5 mega pixel camera featuring auto focus along with an LED flash who needs a camera? In addition the Nexus provides users with a 1080p camcorder to fulfill both snapshots as well as video recording with playback. Furthermore the Nexus permits sharing data such as videos, pictures, graphics, messaging and links all around the world with family, friends and loved ones.

Games are also becoming quite major as newly developed 3D racing, shooting, fighting and other genres are being released for consoles, due to this many touch screen phones have been selected to become a host for such related games only to play mini versions of the actual console games. Applications such as workout aids, social connection services, financial advisors and few others make the Nexus a worthwhile friend to have around. Other than that, connecting with people can initially be done using e-mail, sms, mms, rss and of course instant messaging.

Sometimes we wonder how we lived without the internet, following that thought comes the query- how did we live without music. We needn’t worry about such questions in this new era for storing media inside handheld devices are roaming wild and free. An XM radio is equipped in cases when stored media begins to bring boredom and trendy broadcasts are the key or obviously if a liked game is going on thus to keep in touch with the score. Go Giants! As for media storage space for the Nexus, 16 GB of pictures, music, games, videos and other content can be stored and edited. This also includes content such as maps and directions for its built-in GPS navigation system utilized nationwide.

With all the said features completes the basis of this device with many other known features and tools like calendars, voice memo, calculator, etc. As huge as Samsung may be, even newer models and companies are on the rise to compete against these enormous manufacturers. Who has the best device? In actuality the best device depends on the owner’s personal requirements for over-the-top performance in perspective as well as everyday tasks.