Samsung Rugby 2 Overview by Cell2Get

Cell phones have been assisting people to communicate for the longest time, in fact some communication devices, including cell phones, are considered a part of their family. The strong bond between a person and their cell phone is completely unbreakable considering the cell phone matches the owner’s needs and style. Throughout the years various new cell phones have been released and most of them are suitable for city people and some townsfolk, but what about the rough and rugged outdoor men and women who love to venture underwater or camp in dangerous forests? Cell phones do exist to suit their needs as well such as the Samsung Rugby 2.

Unlike most cell phones the Rugby 2 is the strong and durable defensive type; rather than style and beauty it relies on ruggedness and tactics. The most important aspect and probably the most famous is the Rugby 2 is built to military spec (MI-STD-810G). Not only is it shock, water, weather, and dustproof but the spec provides the phone with increased resistances enduring the toughest scenarios. It can also synchronize with active lifestyle making the bond between itself and the owner much stronger. This makes a great buddy for those who work on the field.

Furthermore the Rugby 2 is also equipped with a built in GPS and supports AT&T navigator to ensure getting lost is not an option. Its 2 mega pixel camera allows still shots as well as video which can be shared instantly with family and friends, great for searching for evidence and transferring it instantly for any reason. The Rugby 2 runs on a 3G network thus making browsing speed and GPS directions smoother, faster and reliable on the go. Adding to the tactics is its capability to disregard background noises; this is a major problem to many people. Whether it’s the wind or some people talking, the voice processor eliminates the unwanted noises making your conversation less stressful and annoying.

Push to talk feature is also included as well as Bluetooth 2.0. Although the internal storage space is 70 MB, a slot for an extra micro SD card is available and can support up to 16 GB, ideal for massive amounts of media to carry around. It may not be the perfect phone in everyone’s perspective but to people who know they can make friends with the Rugby 2 will keep them together for many long years. As Samsung continues their study over constructing the perfect phone we continue to see their impressive results and progress.