Samsung U600 Overview by Cell2Get

Over the years Samsung has been progressing aggressively due to their electronic appliances including cell phones. The company has been notorious for mostly TVs and cell phones also for their world famous Sidekick contracted by T-Mobile initially. Samsung continues onto the field with their U600 cell phone which is the topic we shall look further into.

The Samsung U600 is at its best whether its gold or platinum coating. The slide mechanism adds onto its sleek and slender appearance making it look rather luxurious. Although the U600 is part of the Ultra Edition II range, the U600 itself is known as the Ultra Edition 10.9. Its casing comes in various colors such as sapphire blue, crystal blue, garnet red, neutral white, soft black, platinum metal and copper gold. The phone runs on an Edge network whether it is on contract or neutral. WAP and html are a must supported by the browser.

The camera function is 3.15 mega pixels which also features a LED flash as well as auto focus. The internal memory which is 60 MB no doubt may not be so well, but with a micro SD card the storage goes up to 2 GB and is not included inside the original packaging. The rich music feature plays multiple formats such as MP3, AAC, eACC, and WMA player and utilizing the stereo Bluetooth function will give you an incredible music experience. Unfortunately there is no 3.5mm jack for normal headphones used on regular mp3’s or ipods, therefore the headphones with a multi- function jack is included.

In addition, the U600 also consists of an ICE power mobile chip which can amplify the sound of either music or talk. What that means is the music will sound alarmingly better and background noises when conversing will be reduced, this is pretty much a common problem especially when talking outside on a windy day. To make a full music accomplishment, a stereo FM radio is included with RDS which stands for radio data system and is a communications protocol for embedding small amounts of digital information from broadcasts.

Like other phones, the U600 also has sms, mms, and e-mail as well as yahoo search along with predictive text inputs ensuring quicker typing. Not only that but it also features a business card scanner which is another helpful tool. Rather than consistently organizing business cards you can simply scan the business card, which will make a copy of the text as well as the image into the phone’s hard drive, and it will automatically be updated to your contact list or you can manually add it the desired contact.

Onwards to the applications. Practically every phone has games whether they’re boring or crucially addictive, so does the U600 and in fact there is quite a list of downloadable games of different genres but simultaneously compatible. A document viewer is also included which reads Word, Excel, Power Point, and PDF. Now a lot of people complain that the display is usually too small on phones like this one but Samsung might have been aware since the display is generously big for such a phone.

On top of all that the U600 is equipped with a TV-out just so it gets a little interesting. Why not go for a phone with such great features? According to the users and many other reviews, this specific phone outshines some of the even newer phones thanks to Samsung and is absolutely one remarkable phone from its kind. That is why Samsung is so renowned and continuously moves forward.