T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Overview by Cell2Get

T-Mobile is a renowned company that became even more renowned with the debut of the very first Sidekick model, and having Snoop Dogg in their ads with the famous catchphrase “everybody needs a sidekick”, practically all N.W.A. fans and youngsters went nuts over the phone. With its successor being the Sidekick 2, T-Mobile gave birth to the Sidekick 3¬†with texture improvements and a few other tweaks to allow full control of the phone. Another reason why youngsters might love the Sidekick revolution is because its more of a handheld gaming console such as the Gameboy Advance and PSP making the recognition and handling easier for them, that plus kids love texting which practically brought communications to the “texting era”.

However not everyone is satisfied with the phone looking like a handheld gaming console, some have complained that it’s too big to carry around and we all know one thing, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, which is one of the most important concerns. T-Mobile was well aware of the complaints before they even became a complaint. However the weight actually went up through the years from approximately 180 grams to close to 200 grams.

With every bad there comes a good, and that was usually the awesome screen flip to get to the QWERTY keyboard…makes you want to forget all of your problems. The memory is surely expandable using a mini SD as the internal only has 64 MB of RAM and this was about the time gaming became very involved with phones. The camera is a 1.3 megapixel with LED flash(1280×1024 pixels) but lacks video and any secondary features. This took place around June of 2006 so around then the Edge and 2G networks were the best for handsets, it uses WAP 2.0/xHTML and HTML browsers with an operating system called “Danger” version 3.0. SMS, MMS, E-mail, and instant messaging are all available and much easier to use with the Sidekick 3, making this the perfect phone for such tasks as mentioned.

Unfortunately it isn’t the ideal phone to use as a basis for traveling since it lacks a GPS or any navigational abilities or Wi-fi, it was basically the perfect phone for youngsters who are devoted to always stay socially connected as it has quick access to any incoming messages. But this was not the end of the line for the Sidekick family since innovations are becoming much more trendy with newer and better features as well as style to match. And besides, everybody needs a sidekick right?