The Garmin Asus A10 Overview by Cell2Get

One of the world’s largest PC vendors, according to the statistics of 2011, is AsusTek Computer Inc. generally known as Asus, ranking 5th in a global scale. In order to become one of the most highly advanced technological Taiwanese companies in the world, Asus has released personal computers, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, motherboards, video cards, and the list goes on. No one will ever think of cell phones with this computer related company although they began researching on how to improve cell phone technology. In April 2010, prior to Garmin exiting the partnership with Asus, both Garmin and Asus released one last smart phone called the Asus A10.

Primarily the A10 is hooked up with the 3rd generation network for smooth and full control of its advantages. However the secondary 2G network is available in cases like travelling overseas or even switching carriers, this may slow down several of the A10’s processes but may be considered as a backup wireless connection. Some people will definitely think of a Global Positioning System, or GPS, when Garmin comes into the conversation. Well they are not wrong at all, for the A10 is equipped with one of the leading GPS systems produced originally by Garmin. With an A-GPS support and Garmin navigation, getting lost will only become an activity. Thanks to Garmin’s natural GPS instincts, the GPS will perform in a smooth manner as well as synchronize itself with the user’s movements to further identify the exact location.

A built in 5 mega pixel camera is mounted for taking 2592×1944 pixel photos and includes features such as auto focus and geo tagging. A QVGA video recorder is also available for usage capturing videos at 30 frames per second. Thanks to the social integrated apps such as YouTube or Facebook, sharing amongst friends and family is fast as it is easy. The internal memory may be 4 GB initially but a micro SD is required to acquire the full 32 GB advantage. Due to the enhanced audio and video formats it is difficult sometimes to find the correct file type for compatibility, for this reason the A10 has several readers for different types of file formats. Formats such as MP3, eAAC+ and WAV are recognized by the A10 and for video the formats MP4, H.263 and H.264 are recognized by the device.

An enormous amount of applications are being downloaded every second of our lives and continue to increase across the globe. Some of these are games, which is also a huge part in many peoples’ lives’ in this day and age. The hunger for games may be satisfied using the A10 where users may play thousands of games, some of which include many famous console games such as Battlefield, Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Some other games require the use of the accelerometer and other sensors such as Need for Speed Shift or Captain America. Along with this, Asus continues their development in hopefully and successfully producing a revolutionary device for the future.