The Google G1 Overview by Cell2Get

After the new phone releases of 2007 most of the operations online were performed by google thus making google a renowned resource of almost everything, the Google G1 was released at around September of 2008 making it easier for people who commonly rely on google for just about everything specifically the one click google search. The features were too good to be true even for multitaskers to believe since around that time 3G became more popular and was also exclusive only to few phones with outstanding performance. The rest of the 3G phones were still developing, other than the HTC and iPhone families, making the G1 especially popular and an important aspect for those years.

Even if you could not or were completely unable to acquire yourself an iPhone, the G1 got the job done for any necessary assessment and became a breakthrough for the non-iPhone fans.Its QWERTY keyboard made it very possible for online browsing equipped with the 3G accessibility. Although the weight was a bit much and the dimensions are bigger than some pockets, it still managed to squeeze both touchscreen AND keyboard without surpassing the original weight.

Like many data serviced phones, the G1 is able to e-mail, sms, mms, instant message, and thread view for sms for convenience and everyday use. Android managed to fit as the OS version 1.6 with the nickname “Donut”. Although it has 192 MB of RAM internal memory, it was expandable using a micro SD, as for the travelers the GPS is fully functional especially using the 3G network which had remarkable performance, for the Edge 2G it wasn’t so bad but was known to be a bit slow. The accelerometer and compass are the sensors making it easier for navigation and game genres such as racing or shoot em’ up.

As mentioned, Android designed this phone to be up to date with google and have also equipped it with the one-click google search which became famous early of 2009. Its lithium ion 1150 mAh battery allows you to talk continuously for approximately 5 hrs and 20 minutes, but if you decide to keep it on standby without using it, recharging won’t be necessary for about a month or so. This was not the last we’ve seen of Android, in fact this is only the beginning of many more advanced equipment to come. Some of which can surpass the intelligence of even the iphone and microsoft mobile.