The HTC Thunderbolt Overview by Cell2Get

With all the new touch screen phones out today, it is rather difficult to figure out the right one. Of course reading a review and looking at the phone a few times may help a bit but then again if you try it out for some time, then you will get your answer within that time frame. The HTC Thunderbolt is one of these touch screen phones which will catch both your eyes and fingertips. Although it may not be erotic to some people it is quite a valuable phone and is equipped with the latest technology.

While some people may say the iPhone is the most advanced, that is merely untrue. The iPhone is very smooth yes and runs as well as it looks however it lacks the most integrated technology for it only uses what is needed to run perfectly smooth.  The Thunderbolt’s 8 mega pixel camera featuring auto focus, LED flash, face detection and geo-tagging makes taking pictures much simpler and sharp in very dark areas, as for geo-tagging helps with the location making it easy to find the place where you and your friends took that picture but have no clue where the place might have been. 4 GB of internal storage is available and can be expanded to 32 GB using a micro SD, so you can take as many pictures or quite a handful of 720p videos.

The operating system included is Android v.2.2 and may now be upgraded to v.4x. Speaking of upgrading, we no longer must worry about slow 2G networks or a bit faster 3G network for now we have the really fast 4G LTE added with updated graphics drivers, this means we can browse the internet and multitask in incredibly swift speeds. Because of the earlier speed in most phones, video calling or using Skype was a total mess but for the Thunderbolt it is much smoother and the quality is much better. Needless to say that the noise cancellation feature is up to date thus making your Skype experience or video calling much more relaxed.

Multiple formats of music can be played such as MP3, AAC+, WAV and WMA9. As for vide, it reads file formats like DivX, Xvid, MP4, H.263, H.264 and of course WMV9, so kiss formatting and converting music and videos goodbye and say hello to less work. Of course a smart phone is nothing without the proper tools obviously not referring to the Thunderbolt since it has all of the basic tools and sensors including calculator, voice memos, document viewer and organizer along with the compass, accelerometer and proximity. The sensors are ideal for playing some of the newer generation 3D games or other entertainment.

As cheesy as some phones may seem, most people complain that just as they are about to purchase themselves a new phone an even newer, better, hotter phone gets released not very long after. This is due to the fact that researchers never stop their research and continue to search for another breakthrough, as the newer phones may have better features, it does not mean the intended phone to be purchased is old news. The Thunderbolt is one within the group and can outshine some of the even newer phones out to this day. Not only that but it comes with an awesome built in kickstand.