The Nokia Communicator E90 Overview by Cell2Get

Nokia’s record for mass production is well known for many years dating back to the early 1900’s, and their equipment has been reliable since then. The Nokia Communicator E90 is one the newest devices and can also be somewhat compared to the N95 but also takes technology into a whole new level of experiences. Although the 9300 was a previous version of the E90, Nokia initially constructed the 9300 to be less like a smart phone. It has no camera, no Wi-fi and a lot more missing features not considering the 9300 a phone at all and that is why the E90 accomplished what the 9300 could not.

In order to complete the structure the first thing missing was a camera, the E90 features a fully operational 3.15 mega pixel camera including auto focus and LED flash, most claim a Xenon flash would have been better but LED is good enough. Taking videos is very simple using the camcorder mode to instantly capture the moment or many moments. A secondary function for the camera is a QCIF video call camera, needless to say the quarter common intermediate format makes talking with video very possible and easily accessible. The display itself is 4 inches but breaking it down would be 800×352 pixels and 219 ppi density and quite a selection of themes are available for downloading.

Furthermore an internal memory of 128 MB might not be sufficient enough for obesity in media, thus a micro SD is recommended to expand the storage media. The firmware versions are what determine the maximum amount of storage thus the latest version allows a complete maximum of up to 16 GB. Surprisingly for some people 16 GB is not good at all, they need much more than that and to the rest, 16 GB is a huge waste of money….internal memory is good enough now. Equipped with 3D hardware acceleration, the E90 is capable of playing 2nd generation platform games as downloadable content, not bad for a business-oriented professional communicator.

Speaking of media the music may operate through several formats MP3, WAV, WMA, RA, AAC and MP4A are all included. This new change is suitable for those who do not know how to switch the format to a mobile compatible version given that most files end up in WMA and requires to be transformed into MP3. The sad part is that it does not have a 3.5 mm socket to inject normal headphones; instead it uses a multi jack. In addition to media, video file formats such as WMV, RV, MP4 and 3GP are also compatible with the E90, whatever the size of the video may be. Video and photo editing is possible as well as document editing for Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF formats.

Seeing as how Nokia constructed this phone the E90 surpasses brilliance. Even for its QWERTY keyboard, if you take a look it is as if an exact duplicate of a normal keyboard had been compressed and mounted to this phone. The Communicator family has indeed shown their intentions and capabilities, taking one more step down the road to electronic intelligence.