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About Alltel Cell Phones by Cell2Get.com

Alltel is said to be one of the major wireless cellular service providers in the United States which provides various cell phone plans with worldwide coverage. People who look for Alltel Cell Phones do have excellent selection of cell phones from which the can select. They include famous LG, Palm Treo, Moto Q and Motorola RAZR models. Alltel Cell Phone service provider usually offers a wide range of prepaid, family and individual cell phone plans. Their individual cell phone plan begins at the price of 39.99 dollars with a necessary National Freedom Plan. This plan allows 500 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling weekends, free worldwide long distance, My Circle and unlimited weekends and night’s features. With the Alltel’s My Circle feature the users can call 10 numbers for free that can be from any other network but precisely from US.

Even though the coverage area is wide, it appears to be the best coverage in Alaska, Southeast and other regions of western US. Moreover, countrywide roaming fees of 59 cents every minute are acquired in some areas of the country, confirming the coverage before purchasing the plan is always sensible. However, the cell phone plans of Alltel even include several alternatives with superior longer distance options. For example, the North America Freedom Plan from Alltel offers no roaming charges for the calls in US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada and also includes those countries which are toll-free. Any person using the cell phone understands the importance of tracking in order to avoid the expenditures of using out the plan minutes. Text messaging and tracking the use of minutes is quite easy through the phone, online or text message service. Alltel offers a wide range of features for all the wireless cell phone users.

Alltel Unlocked Cell Phones

Actually, unlocked cell phones are GSM phones where the network is not locked by the carrier. Unlocking a cell phone means that it enables the user to utilize his or her cell phone with any GSM network provider in the world. The user just has to insert the SIM Card into his or her cell phone and start making and receiving calls instantly. GSM is a standard digital technology which is different from TDMA, CDMA and IDEN. A GSM unlocked cell phone is not directly associated to any one carrier, which means that the user can use the SIM Card from any other compatible cell phone.

So, with GSM cell phones such as Alltel Cell Phones any person cannot switch their SIM cards unless the cell phone is of the unlocked variety, otherwise the service provider will have their network locked. If you have an Alltel Unlocked Cell Phone, when a person in United States travels abroad he or she can easily swap out their SIM Card for any foreign SIM Card. This will give then the much required freedom to use their cell phones that are compatible to the foreign networks. Basically there are two methods of unlocking a cell phone, one is by entering a code and the other is by special software and cables. Using the cell phone when traveling to foreign lands was not possible before, but with the latest GSM technology it has become the reality.

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