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About ATT Cell Phones by Cell2Get.com

The service that you receive today is from the branded name ATT. among the service that are aggressively promoted by ATT is their service called Rollover Minutes. This service lets their customers keep their unused minutes from one month to another through their twelve month rolling cycle in their plan for the nationwide use. Being started in the year 2007 the ATT Company also lets their users of ATT Unity pans to have the Rollover service. The company has also launched a video share which means that the mobile callers could easily stream live videos from the cell phones that have 3G networks and are video share capable devices. This service lets the user to view the camera of another similar user through their mobile phone in real time.

Choosing ATT Cellular Phones and Services

Coverage outside the major cities is often very poor and therefore the ATT cellular phones would make a great deal. They use a new technology called Time Division Access that allows roaming service even at urban areas. The calling plan with ATT cellular phones starts at very low which is just about $39 a month. This plan allows nearly 450 minutes during daytime with generous unlimited weekend and night minutes. Almost all the customers of ATT Cell Phones service seem to enjoy features like ATT Teleconcierge or Connect, through which the operator can instantly find numbers from any place. There are also similar plans with your ATT prepaid services where you can enjoy excellent talk minutes with no contracts to sign.

No Contract Cell Phones

The cell phone contract is basically a contract between the cell phone user and the wireless service provider. Most often you are offered a cell phone that includes a contract and you find yourself using the same contract for nearly two years and as the cell phone is kept for a long period of time you will also be spending more money on insuring, and repairing it. You will also not be able to switch to another cell phone service provider throughout the term of the cell phone contract and thus most of the people are opting for a no contract cell phone. The no contract cell phones are being sold throughout the internet and can be used as a replacement phone without renewing your contract or as a prepaid phone. Having a no contract cell phone that is also unlocked will make that device even better since you will be able to take it with you if you decide to change service providers.

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