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Blackberry Cell Phones Reviewed

Blackberry Cell Phones was initially introduced in the year 1999 and it created cordless handheld devices that offered support for programs like email, internet browsing, faxing, text messaging and also instant messaging along with other communication utilities. It is a high end phone that offers all the latest technologies and helps you keep connected with the whole world. It is not just a cell phone but offers a lot more programs and is sort of like a mini computer. The popularity of the brand can be clearly seen through the users that exceeds more than three million. Blackberry is a high utility phone that is being used by thousands of organizations and the email service offered by Blackberry is used by more than four million users. The blackberry phones have been considered as the golden standard for a lot of people who want continuous mobile connectivity. It was developed by a Canadian company RIM which delivers information through wireless networks. The phones are manufactured in Canada and it uses proprietary PDA interface. All the models of blackberry have monochrome display and have a wide screen.

Blackberry is the obvious choice for the top executives and the professionals as it makes a great business phone. The features are so advanced and extensive that it allows the user to perform a lot of activities on the phone. The blackberry phone sets have QWERTY keyboards that are very useful while typing emails or SMS. It also has business solutions has a lot of softwares and services which could be customized for fitting into the unique requirements of the user. The phone sets offer unparalleled cordless access to various applications like email, data service, games, and internet. This phone company has succeeded in making a reputation for itself and has gathered a pretty large market share in the category of smart phones that allows email access. The company releases highly rated cell phone sets every year that raises the standards and also have advanced characteristics. The latest in the line is the 7130 and 7100 series that has a sure type keyboard that is smaller and sleek in design. It is like a mini computer that offers nearly all the business purpose programs.

Models like 8800, 8100 and the curve 8300 are smart phones that offer multimedia capabilities and also have an expandable memory. The best part is that the phone also has an inbuilt camera that allows you to take high quality pictures. This makes it the perfect camera that allows an all round use. The various softwares used in the Blackberry models include; enterprise server, internet services and also the data system for mobiles. The device enables a third device to use the blackberry technology. The messaging facility is fast and simple making it a favourite among deaf people. The handheld integration of the phone is provided by BES (Blackberry enterprise server). The phone also has TCP/IP connectivity which can be used by the Mobile data service. Blackberry creates next generation mobile phones that allow the user to use a very wide variety services and stay connected round the clock.

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