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GSM Cell Phones at Cell2Get - No Contracts!

Cell2Get is here to help you better understand GSM Cell Phones. Global System for Mobile communications, i.e. GSM is one of the most reputable standards for cell phones across the globe. GSM Association, its promoter, has estimated that around 82% of mobile market all over the world makes sue of this standard. Its ubiquity has made international roaming common amongst cell phone operators, thereby enabling the subscribers of using their phones all over the universe. GSM completely differs with respect to predecessors of it such that both, speech signal as well as signaling are digital. That’s why; it’s considered to a 2nd generation, i.e. 2G cell phone system. In other words, GSM also means that communication of data was simple in terms of construction in to system.

GSM cell phones has also gone further with pioneering a low-cost, alternative to the voice calls called SMS, i.e. Short Message Service, that has been supported on the other cell phone standards also these days. And of course buying a Global System for Mobile Communications from Cell2Get will save you money on the actual phone. The biggest advantage of GSM cell phone service is that it is inclusive of a worldwide Emergency Telephone Number, i.e. 112. This simplifies the task of international travelers in terms of connecting to the emergency services, that too, without any knowledge of local emergency number.

Technical Details

GSM, in actual sense, is the cellular network. This means that cell phones get connected to it through having searched for the cells in immediate vicinity. These networks go on to operate in 4 diverse frequency ranges. Majority of Global System for Mobile Communications networks continue with the operation between the bands 900-1800 MHz. Certain countries in North America, inclusive of the US and Canada make use of 850 MHz bands and 1900 MHz bands as the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands had already been allocated. At Cell2Get we sell unlocked GSM Cell Phones, meaning you are not locked into any particular network and can utilize the phone worldwide.

Subscriber Identity Module

One amongst the prime features of Global System for Mobile Communications cell phones is SIM, i.e. Subscriber Identification Module. It’s usually known by the name ‘SIM card’. SIM is nothing but one of the detachable smart cards that contains subscription information of the user, along with phone book. Such a thing permits the user of retaining his/her information, that too, after having switched the handsets. On the other hand, user can change operators at the time of having the handset retained just by having the SIM changed, you would however require an unlocked cell phone available at Cell2Get in order to be able to swap SIM Cards from various providers or countries. Certain operators would be blocking this by the way of having allowed the phone of using just one SIM (considered a locked cell phone), or the SIM that’s being issued through them. Practice of this sort is called SIM locking.

GSM security

GSM cell phones, such as those available from Cell2Get, have been designed with security. The objective behind its design was that of authenticating the subscriber by making use of challenge-response and pre-shared key. Communications between base station and subscriber can be easily encrypted. UMTS’s development goes on with the introduction of the optional USIM, which makes use of longer key of authentication for giving greater security, along with authenticating network and user mutually. On the contrary, Global System for Mobile Communications makes use of various cryptographic algorithms to ensure security. A5/2 and A5/1 stream ciphers have been utilized to ensure over-the-air voice privacy.

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