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I-Mate Cell Phones Reviewed

I-Mate cell phones has been designed for people who are looking for a useable handheld device for both work and also play. I mate offers mobile that is powered by Windows and the different products that we offer include Pocket PC, smart phones and also PPC phones. The smart phone runs on Microsoft and it has features like 120 MHz with an ARMv5 processor and a memory of 32MB. The phone also has a TFT screen that is reflective. The colour density for the phone is around 176 x 220 and it also has an IrDA. The various new I-mate models include JASJAR, K-Jam, SP5, JAM black, SP4m, Pocket PC, SP3i, PDA2 etc. All the models are high performance sets and has inbuilt networking technologies like GSM, Wi-Fi and also bluetooth. The phones are available in different ranges like low, mid and high end models. These will be different based on their performance and cost.

The phone offers a resolution of 320x 240 pixels that will provide sharp images and also offers better image quality for photographs. Bluetooth makes it more easier to talk using hands free modes. This allows you to talk without any strain. The stereo bluetooth helps you to listen to songs on a stereo. The phone also allows GSM networks and has 3G technologies like HSDAP, EVDO and also UMTS. This helps in providing fast access to the internet. Wi-Fi is enabled in the I-mate phone sets that allow you to browse the internet for checking the email or other purposes. The sets come in QWERTY key boards that help you to write faster and also allow you to text faster compared to the normal keypads. The phones have very stylish appearance and it allows you to show some style. The I-mate manufacturing base is located in Glasgow, Scotland and from there it is delivered to the market world over. The company has recently shifted its base to Dubai and it has operating units in areas like UK, Australia, Italy, India, Armenia etc.

The company has sold more than 420000 windows phone sets and has earned a fortune of $ 22.5 million. The company has a partnership with HTC and later on they separated from the HTC phone company. I-mate has grabbed deals with manufacturers like Inventec and also Tech Faith. The I-mate phones are considered to be extremely reliable and offer a great service that allows you to use it for both office use and also pleasure use at the same time. The company is continuing to develop wireless integrated mini PC’s and also smart phones. The Phones are very high end and comes at a reasonable price. The smart phones have touch screen and it has an XGA video outlet. These phones are total powerhouses and also have an added advantage of having the QWERTY key boards. The keypads are very stylish and also comfortable at the same time. The phone has a camera with 3.0medapixels that helps you to take crystal clear snaps and store it. I-mate offers new age phones that come with the whole package.

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