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About Nextel Cell Phones by Cell2Get.com

The Nextel Cellular service or Nextel Communications is actually known as the new Sprint Nextel Corporation which was previously a telecommunication firms that operated in United States. The Next Cellular service was known for providing a mobile communication system throughout the nation. Being very much different from other cellular network providers the network of Nextel operated through the Specialized Mobile Radio band and the company was one of the first network providers in United States that had offered digital cellular coverage throughout the nation. Nextel Communications also had more than 20 million subscribers in United Stated during 2006 and they also claimed to service nearly 198 from the top 200 markets of United States. The Nextel Company also offered prepaid service with the help of Boost Mobile brand and they provided their service in Philippines as the Nextel Mobile brand.

Nextel Cellular Services

The Nextel Company had long been associated with Motorola the only multiple vendor with both standards and equipments although there was reported a competitor Kyocera to be working with compatible mobiles. This close relationship between them and Motorola had developed the Integrated Digital enhanced network or iDEN procedure that had used the new technology called time division multiple access. Apart from this other features of Nextel Communication include their Push to Talk feature that inspired the half duplex function of two way radio. As there were just a few carriers who adopted this iDEN feature throughout the world the users of Nextel had no other carrier of iDEN to fallback or to roam in United States. In some countries that do not have the Nextel carrier and the users of Nextel use the roam or iDEN network to use their Nextel cellular phones. As the Nextel cellular service company has maintained a good relation they are also preferred by a number of people for their Nextel cellular phones and service.

The Nextel communication company offers their services in a number of ways through Motorola cell phones. There are several Motorola cell phone models that use Direct Connect walkie-talkie service of Nextel including the Group connect feature in desired models. Most of the cell phones also use the push to send feature which can send My Info or Contracts to any friend or co-worker instantly. You will also find several Motorola cell phones that are offered with Nextel service this is usually as the contract cell phone.

No contract cell phones

Purchasing a no contract cell phone can also be very beneficial and a smarter decision rather than to renew your contract. One of the benefit of using a no contract cell phone is that you do not have to enter any contract. It is also very difficult to choose from different cellular phone contract but if you plan to have the Nextel cellular phones and services contract you might also come across a few problems in the long run like any other contract service provider. You can just opt for a month to month contract plan so that you can find out about the best service provider in your local area.

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