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Pantech Cell Phones Reviewed

About Pantech

Pantech along with Curitel communication is one of the second best domestic mobile phone manufacturers in South Korea and the 7th largest in the world. Pantech is even considered as one of the fastest growing cell phone communication solution providers in the world. In the year 2004, Pantech introduced the world’s foremost fingerprint camera cell phone. They have also won several awards for manufacturing various high class MP3 players and camcorders.

In the year 2005, both SLK Teletech and Pantech Co came together under one organization Pantech in order to facilitate their main goal of becoming the top most cell phone manufacturers in the world. Altogether, Pantech has almost 5,000 employees and around 20 regional sales offices across the world. Through its associates and partners across the world, the total revenue of Pantech for the year 2004 was approximately four million dollars.

Pantech Cell Phones

There are several cell phones manufactured by Pantech which include models such as DM-P205, A1407PT, G500, PG-1200, GB200, GF200, GI100 and Q80. The new DM-P205 Pantech cell phone includes Bluetooth and a VGA camera built in. This particular stylish cell phone is fully equipped with GPS which helps the user to track whenever he travels. Even the usage manager enables the user to assign minutes and decide when they can talk. Similarly, the Pantech G500 is mainly a clamshell cell phone that weighs just 90 gm and is sized 85x41x22mm.

It possesses a dual liquid crystal display (LCD) screen one inside the shell and the second above the external clam. Both the screens are high definition screens with 260,000 different colors. As the external screen boasts 128x129 pixel resolution the internal screen possesses 128x160 pixel resolution. However, it is not the color support and the size of the screen making it appear amazing. The crisp image quality and stellar screen clarity is surely one of the best features ever seen in any cell phone.

The Exceptional Pantech 'A1407PT' Cell Phone

Recently, the Korean based Pantech Company launched a bone conduction cell phone A1407PT in the Japanese market. One exceptional aspect about this cell phone is that it features bone conduction of tone by vibration. What is bone conduction? Well, this involves sound waves that are connected via several people’s skulls by their vibration and further to their inner ear in order to make them hear. Users of this cell phone can easily hear the caller’s voice just by implementing the bone conduction speaker touching their heads.

It has been revealed that this new feature can help to solve the problem of communication particularly in crowded places with list of noise pollution, for older and handicapped people. This new A1407PT cell phone is particularly designed for making use of this latest feature of bone conduction. All the users of this cell phone have to just press the side key in order to attend or make a call by using the bind conduction speaker instead of handsets. The particular cell phone is a clamshell cell phone with an in-built 1.35 pixel camera and a 6cm wide (LCD) liquid crystal display screen display. It even supports Ir DA communication and various games.

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