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Sony Ericsson Cell Phones Reviewed

There are mainly two aspects in modern cell phones that almost everyone asks about and use: music players and cameras. And the best music cell phones available in the market are Sony Ericsson cell phones. This article basically focuses on walkman cell phones.

Rock profiles

Far back for almost 3 years before from now, you would find difficult to get a cell phone built to meet your music needs. The music cell phones as are available nowadays never existed. Yes, some could avail phones that allowed using MP3 files as ring tones, but there was no cell phone offering a convenient music player. It was then, when Sony Ericsson came and changed the trend, but for them, integrating a music player was not the only target. The first music cell phone was produced in the form of Sony Ericsson W800 which proved to be a groundbreaker. The big difference was made by these mobile devices. It opened the doors to the entire gallery of Sony Ericsson cell phones which dominate the music world.

The Sony Ericsson W980

With the trend that followed a lot of this mobile device came into existence, but nothing came as amazing as Sony Ericsson W980i. The cell phone was very shiny and happens to be the sleekest cell phones that can be recollected. The glossy coating, the slimness, the external touch screen, everything makes Sony Ericsson W980i really alluring. Very limited cell phones could compete it in terms of looks and power. Well, the major credit goes to the in-built music player, but it also featured other useful characteristics such as 8GB memory, 3 megapixel and HSDPA. Overall it is simply stunning.

Sony Ericsson beat the iPhone

What in case you desire more special stuff? If you expect Sony Ericsson cell phones to come up with something to beat the iPhone, then here comes the Sony Ericsson touchscreen cell phone. The Sony Ericsson is due to announce a cell phone in coming days that will directly become the flagship of Walkman range. However, no official details of this cell phone have been disclosed, with no development code name or a model number and in case the rumors come true, this Sony Ericsson cell phone will be among the top of other cell phones in its segment. It is a complete touchscreen phone and the Sony Ericsson is all ready to cram it up with 16 GB memory. In short, they are coming with iPhone killer! This will be the sole Sony Ericsson cell phone to offer faster internet, better camera and a sleeker design as compared to other cell phones and obviously music player. But, one thing is for sure, though, among the Sony Ericsson W980i and the expected nameless touchscreen cell phone, the world of music cell phones will pretty much belong to Sony Ericsson!


The mobile device offers UMTS/ GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 network. These mobile devise are mostly GSM and consist of Bluetooth or infrared connectivity with promise to produce cell phones that are compatible to receive graphics and ring tones for free as in do-it-yourself format.

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