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About Sprint Cell Phones by Cell2Get.com

The ‘Sprint Corporation’ (before the offering of Sprint cell phones of course) had been founded by Cleyson Leroy Brown in the year 1899. It was named ‘Brown Telephone Company’ then. This company operated in the form of Bell System’s competitor. Land line service was provided by it at that time. In the year 1938, after having emerged from bankruptcy, the name ‘Brown’ was rechristened to ‘United Utilities’. This company started growing steadily by the way of acquisitions. Its name then got changed to ‘United telecommunications’ in the year 1972. Regions of South and Midwest were being provided with its service during this time. In the year 1980, X.25 Data Service was launched by United Telecom. It was called ‘Uninet’. In order to make an entry in the Long-distance Voice Market, ISACOMM was acquired in the year 1981 and US Telephone three years later. Provision of wireless services started in the year 1995 under the brand name of ‘Sprint PCS’.

Sprint cell phones is said to have offered the best coverage so far. Many people might be unaware of the fact that Sprint is one of the global Tier 1 internet carriers which makes up as a part of internet backbone. Sprint operates as the 2nd largest network regarding wireless broadband and as 3rd largest provider in terms of long distances.

Origin Regarding The Name

The name ‘Sprint’ has several extant explanations. Many of these say that this name has derived from the name of South Pacific Railroad, along with communication system of its own. It’s known as ‘Southern Pacific Railroad Information NeTwork’. However, there’s certain disagreement with regards to exact words making up the acronym ‘SPRINT’. The other explanation is stated to be ‘Southern Pacific Railroad Integrated Network Transmission’. One of the unverified versions states that in late 70s, C. Gus Grant had launched a contest. He was the President of the SPCC at that time. Susan Guehrig, a secretary won it, and suggested the name ‘Sprint’.

Sprint Unlocked Cell Phones

The unlocked cell phone can be referred to as the one which recognizes SIM cards from any of the carriers. ‘Lock’ is actually the software setting which allows cell phone to be loyal to a single carrier. Instructions regarding unlocking should be strictly followed, or else, the cell phone, if falls prey to improper locking, would turn out to be inoperable. Carriers which operate on GSM network make use of SIM cards; while those which make use of CDMA network use R-UIM cards. Sprint is one of them. These cards are not card-enabled. So, Sprint Unlocked Cell phones are not in to the market right now.

No Contract Cell Phones

Making choice regarding cellular contracts is not all that easy. It’s, indeed challenging. Having a contract signed persuades the customer of looking in to future and make a wise decision with respect to utilization of plan. Most of the contract plans have been made available on 1-, 2-, or 3-year or month-to-month basis, with fixed payment to be done every month. No contract plans are of great use to the people having bad credit history.

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