Motorola V950 Renegade CDMA SPRINT/NEXTEL

  • Model: v950
  • Manufactured by: Motorola
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The MOTO V950 will apparently work anywhere in the elements being it for work or personal, this flip phone or clamshell call it what you may has a rubberized grip and internal antenna make the device easy to carry, while its durable construction helps keep it safe and protected. An innovative blend of metal and rubber finishes creates a “modern rugged” look that shows the V950 means business.

It does feature PTT (Push-to-Talk) with a dedicated PTT button and familiar direct-access external keys plus data speeds of the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, it has an enhanced audio via dual front-ported speakers, all V950 users will be able to communicate to all users of the Nextel Direct Connect service in the US.

The main MOTO V950 specifications are as follows –
• 4.1 x 2.1 x 0.66 (Inches)
• 800/1900 MHz CDMA DOrA (Band)
• Up to 245 minutes Talk time
• 2.2 inch internal display plus 1.6 inch external color display
• Weighs only 4.16 oz
• 2.0 megapixel camera with 8X digital zoom and image lighting
• Multimedia player with external media keys
• Memory expansion supports up to 4GB
• GPS enabled (autonomous)
• Thin, rugged and water-resistant
• Multimedia messaging
• Integrated stereo Bluetooth wireless technology
• Java® enabled
• Nextel Direct Connect on Sprint

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