NOKIA 6060 Gsm Unlcoked Black

  • Model: 6060
  • Manufactured by: Nokia
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Nokia 6060 handset is just another a reasonably priced clamshell. "Sleek and alive" – this is what the slogan implies, and owing to chrome plates the device indeed has distinctive looks, a fashion model in a budget line-up so to speak. But that works only at a range, as the handset appears more luxurious than it is in reality. Considering its measurements, the handset will perfectly settle in jeans. Having flipped open the device, you will discover a medium-sized TFT display, featuring a resolution of 128x160 pixels (28õ36 mm), capable of displaying up to 65 K colors. Considering the manufacturer’s statement, it guarantees 260 hours of life time in standby mode and up to 2.5 hours of talk time. Full recharge time of the device is around 2 hours. The device has 3 Mb of dynamic memory. The Nokia 6060 also offers predicative T9 Text input mode. The device has a support for Nokia Smart Messaging and that allows sending and receiving melodies and plain black and white pictures from compatible devices. MMS editor is plain and clear. You can create several slides. Maximal size of outgoing MMS cannot exceed 300kb. The Nokia 6060 has an integrated mail client working with POP3/SMTP protocols. There is a list of 20 incoming, missed and outgoing calls. Nokia 6060 is a typical budget phone with quite good features.



Clamshell Form Yes


LCD (Color) Yes


Polyphonic Ringtones Yes


Bluetooth No
Data-Capable Yes
Infrared (IR) Yes
Slot for Memory Card No
Wi-Fi No


Alarm Yes
Antenna Internal Yes
Antenna Stub No
Calculator Yes
Calendar Yes
Changeable Faceplates No
E-Mail Client Yes
Extendable Antenna No
Flashlight No
FM Radio No
Games Yes
GPS / Location No
High-Speed Data 1xRTT No
High-Speed Data EGPRS (EDGE) Yes
High-Speed Data Ev-Do No
High-Speed Data GPRS No
High-Speed Data WCDMA (UMTS) No
High-Speed Data WiDEN No
Java (J2ME) Yes
MP3 Player No
Picture ID Yes
Picture Messaging No
Platform Palm OS No
Platform Series (Symbian) No
Platform UIQ (Symbian) No
Platform Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs No
Platform Windows Mobile for Smartphones No
Push-To-Talk No
Speaker Phone Yes
Touch Screen No
Vibrate Yes
Video Calling No
Video Capture Yes
Voice Dialing Yes
Voice Memo Yes

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